‘Elon Musk is Nothing’: Bitcoiner Who Tweets Him 30 Times a Day

TWITTER – Elon Musk, famous for leveraging tax dollars into unprofitable ventures and tweeting, became the darling of crypto with his embrace of bitcoin earlier this year. It seemed like a match made in heaven. And then he began to ask questions.

BTC maximalists, who were competing to see who could debase themselves at his feet most humbly, have now turned their tweets against him.

Musk is totally irrelevant. BTC laser-eyed maxis don’t pay him an ounce of attention” Said @bitcoomer69, who has Tweeted about musk 7,127 times since Friday.

Peter McCormack, famous for his bet with Peter Schiff, told Elon that he’d better not weigh in on things over his head and leave understanding bitcoin to the pros: Australian podcast personalities.

Musk didn’t take the criticism lying down. He reminded everyone that he set out to build a decentralized digital currency too, and the result was PayPal.

At press time, 100% of bitcoiner tweets and life-force are dedicated to Musk.