CoinGeek Installs Cam in Kurt Wuckert’s Bathroom

FLORIDA – CoinGeek Chief Bitcoin Historian Kurt Wuckert Jr. is known for live streaming BSV hot takes and coverage of Craig Wright legal battles from restaurants, sidewalks, his home, and hotel bedroom to at least half a dozen viewers.

His employer has just upped the ante. A spokesperson for CG media said:

Kurt’s videos really help put a believable human face on our reporting, which is all from real human people and not fake journalists with stock photos, despite allegations. We want to get even more quality BSV coverage to our viewers, who are not at all paid to watch and upvote. Adding a ‘CanCam’ is a great way for more off the cuff Wuckert real talk.”

Wuckert seemed largely unfazed, as he said he already talks to himself about the glories of BSV while on the toilet, so nothing much will change.

“Since I took this job, I’ve basically been shilling BSV 24/7 anyway, camera or no. I still can’t convince my real life friends and family that BTC is a scam version of BitCoin, but I have gotten a lot of likes and comments from the same five accounts with BSV in their username pretty consistently. I feel I owe it to them to share my thoughts while on the shitter.

Wuckert added, “Bitcoin was never about privacy anyway. It’s about transparency and we’re really pushing that forward.”