Coingeek Reporters Suing AI Generated Headshot Website for Using Their Photos

LONDON – A group of freelance writers for are filing a suit against the popular website, claiming the site is using their photos and passing them off as computer generated people.

Having your identity stolen just to be passed off as a generic, soulless cluster of pixels in order to help a site reach its content quota and make its reach look bigger than it is…it’s really frustrating. We feel used“, said Jane Doe (actual name), a Coingeek contributor with beautiful blonde hair, stunning yet approachable features, and a deep interest in the history of cryptography and law.

All 17 of the other reporters joining the suit responded with the exact same comment, word for word.

The group is hoping the judge in the jurisdiction where they filed the suit – the island nation of Tuvalu – will schedule a hearing as soon as he returns from catching his family’s food for the day.

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