BSV Fans Waiting for FL Judge to Give Them Meaning

SLACK – An army of BSV fans at least a baker’s dozen strong are excited for the moment they believe will be next week when a judge makes a ruling that will give them fame, fortune, meaning, and wives.

We caught up with @iworshipcraig_SV to get a sense of the expected outcome of the case in the BSV camp:

When the judge sees all the evidence he will remove his robes and give the gavel to Craig Wright as it will become clear to all that Craig knows more about law than he does. Then Craig, acting as judge, will order BTC developers hanged, all exchanges shut down, every shitcoin ended, the continent of Africa given college degrees, the price of BSV to be set at $1,200 by law, and Roger Ver sent to Thai prison with the other anarchists. My entire life will be vindicated, every girl that ever made fun of me will call me, I’ll be in great shape, rich, funny, and beloved by all. People don’t seem to realize the power of law.”

The ruling referred to is from the controversial Wright v Kleiman case, a dispute over bitcoins and intellectual property said to belong to Satoshi Nakamoto. The case has experienced a series of delays (TST reported on here) and is set to finally go to trial.

When asked what an unfavorable outcome might mean, our BSVer didn’t seem to understand the question.

The only possibilities are Craig wins total victory or Craig wins total victory. He told us in Slack it’s a red queen game of 5D chess that only a polymath truly understands. Whatever happens, it’s part of his plan, and if it’s part of his plan it means he’s winning. And if he’s winning, it means my life has worth. So yeah, I’m not worried.”

TST reached out to Calvin Ayre, believed by many to be funding Craig’s cases and business endeavors. He told us he has no worries, as he’s confident the same US legal system that chased him down for years will totally be convinced by the coffee stains and rusty staples on an old draft of the whitepaper that prove Craig is Satoshi.