Wright v Kleiman Delayed for Minor Pagan Feasts and Bad Weather

FLORIDA – After delays due to Covid lockdowns, followed by delays for Jewish holidays, Eastern Orthodox Pascha, Ramadan, and the Chinese Moon Festival, both sides in the lawsuit over an alleged 1M bitcoin held by Australian Craig Wright have decided to delay yet again for a series of important pagan and religious feasts and a bit of rain.

Lawyers from both sides assured TST that this is a very serious case with neither side intentionally drawing things out and engaging in theatrics for PR, to muddy the waters as long as possible about the possibility Dr. Rev. Wright is Satoshi, or to obscure the outcome.

Both sides have agreed to delay proceedings for Beltane, the Great Dionysia, Bastille Day, Guru Purnima, National Shrimp Scampi Day, overcast skies, The Oscars, and Wednesdays” said a joint statement from lawyers representing both Ira Kleiman and Craig Wright.

Council told TST this is all part of any very serious normal trial over billions of dollars and as soon as any day with perfect weather and no meaning whatsoever to any culture anywhere in the world past, present, or future comes up, they will seize the opportunity to file some more papers.

When asked when the long anticipated verdict would be delivered, representatives of Dr. Wright told TST, “Soon.”

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