BSV Introduces Zero-Hash Mining


In a stunning move predicted by none of the twelve people paying attention to BSV, the minority of a minority bitcoin chain has rolled out zero-hash mining.

No one is quite sure yet how it works, or whether it was and intentional upgrade or the accidental result of Reggie Hampton’s mom tripping over the power cord of his basement computer setup.

Regardless, the chain is humming along, adding the same dog photo thousands of times per hour with absolutely no hash power of any kind.

TST reached out to TAAL, the largest of the two BSV mining operations, and inquired about the lack of hash. Their representative at first thought we were asking about shredded potatoes served with breakfast. When we clarified, they seemed surprised and confused, claimed to never have heard of BSV, and hung up on us.

More as it develops. In the meantime, you can test out zero-hash mining yourself by clicking one of the BSV the tip buttons below.