Kid in Basement Accidentally 51% Attacks BSV in Big Misunderstanding

DES MOINES – 11-year old tech tinkerer Reginald “Reggie” Hampton, while hooking up ‘a couple computers’, accidentally re-organized 100 blocks on the BSV blockchain yesterday, shutting down apps and causing exchanges to freeze transactions.

The youngster was in his mom’s basement, messing around with some ‘shitcoin stuff’ while waiting for his friends to get online to play Roblox when he accidentally became the majority miner on BSV.

The lights flickered for, like, a second, and my computer fan got a little louder, but otherwise I didn’t notice anything. I just figured it was the work of loading Roblox mediocre graphics.” Said Reggie.

TAAL, typically commanding the most hash on BSV, immediately went into full war mode, after what appeared to be a massive show of force by an attacker. A spokesperson said they hadn’t ever seen an attack this deep, and were relieved to find it out was just because young Mr. Hampton forgot to shut down his machine when he went upstairs for a juice box and bedtime.

Reggie’s mother was one of many parties happy to get it all sorted out by switching off his computers last night.

I’m just glad he didn’t get into trouble with all that computer stuff. When the lawyers from Ontier started calling, I was worried he had done something really bad.”

BSV appears to be back online and operating as usual.