Anti-Animal Defamation League Suing Craig Wright Over Elephant Comments

LONDON – Craig Wright, self-proclaimed inventor of bitcoin, is being sued by the Anti-Animal Defamation League over “grotesque stereotypes involving elephant genitalia and mice” which he shouted on a recent YouTube interview.

An interviewer asked Dr. Rev. Craig Steven Wright his thoughts on controversial “0 sat” transactions, and he responded with what the AADL called “blatant animal hate speech”. It’s unclear what exactly Dr. Wright was saying, or whether he was actually threatening elephants, mice, bitcoin users, or Satoshi who wrote the code that allowed these transactions.

Ontier LLP, the firm representing Wright, issued a statement on the matter,

Our client meant no harm by his comments, which were highly technical in nature and not understood by non-cryptographers. Further, Dr. Wright has an online degree in Zoology and was an honorary Ranger Rick Explorer as a child, so when he talks about an ‘elephant cock fucking a mouse something’, he means it in a scientific sense.”

Wright supporter Calvin Ayre also tweeted in defense of Craig,

What you don’t understand is Craig is autistic and has Tourrette Syndrome, but he also happens to be right about this. I’ve seen the elephant during a private proof session. Slander him and end up in court where he’ll win all cases.”

The AADF’s suit is being funded by Blockstream and Tether, who are seeking a public apology equal to half of the bitcoin in the Tulip Trust.