Faction Within Faction of Faction of Bitcoin Declares Victory

TWETCH – A small group of people on the little-known BSV blockchain – the fork of BCH which is a fork of BTC – have declared symbolic victory over another small group of people in BSV.

The very important battle is over whether “0 satoshi” transactions are possible on BSV. One side successfully broadcast one such transaction to the network no one uses. They immediately declared that with this move the war for global adoption has been won. Developer Dean Little, the man responsible for this feat, put it in perspective:

Seven people now realize exactly what this means. We’ve won. Our little faction within this tiny BSV faction within this slightly bigger big block faction within the small number of people globally into bitcoin has just dealt the death blow.”

Not everyone in the BSV world, which can fit in a walk-in closet, agreed. In fact, there were no fewer than four Twetch accounts who immediately said the act was both bad and not possible.

You think you can just do a 0 sat transaction like you did, but you can’t. It’s not possible. And you will probably go to jail because you did it. If this is allowed, more people might start using the BSV network for more things, and that’s obviously bad since we are focused on global use for everything.” Said some guy on Twetch who had just watched a Craig Wright video.

The anger seemed to be over the fact that BSV is supposed to be used, not speculated on, and if people were allowed to use it without paying in BSV, the speculative value might decrease. Seventeen lawsuits have been threatened, which comes out to 1.2 suits per BSV supporter.

TST will continue to monitor this adorable battle as it unfolds.