Elon Musk Tweets Consume More Energy Than Most Nations

TWITTER – Elon Musk has been tweeting about bitcoin energy usage and the combined interactions on his tweets yesterday burned more kWh than Mexico.

Every tweet consumes teeny tiny bit of electricity, but in aggregate, it can sometimes be meaningful. In this case, it was off the charts.” Said Gil Vanderlaw, a Senior Fellow at the Energy Consumption Research Group.

According to Vanderlaw, activity around Musks tweets consumed 780 million kWh of energy, slightly above the daily average for Mexico, Spain, Thailand, and several other countries.

“These figures don’t even take into account all of the extra energy consumption and CO2 emission by the thousands of angry bitcoiners who engaged in stress eating and went on rage-tweet benders.” Added Vanderlaw.

Once a hero to the green movement, Musk’s use of Twitter is drawing criticism from environmental groups who want to end all human activity and hate themselves. At least according to their millions of tweets.