Least Legitimate State in the US Calls Bitcoin an Inspiration

BATON ROUGE – No-name legislators in the state of Louisiana – a barely functioning polity which would be famous for widespread graft, corruption, and disfunction if it weren’t so small and utterly irrelevant – have passed a completely meaningless nonbinding resolution about bitcoin in a desperate attempt to get noticed.

The resolution “Commends Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry”, the latter being one of the shadiest, most scam-ridden industries in decades. A source close to the resolution’s authors said they were inspired by crypto and have already learned from it myriad new ways to screw over Louisianans.

Meanwhile, anarchists in bitcoin hailed the pompous piece of paper issued by a regional monopoly on violence as “vindication” that lends credibility to crypto.

We feel like with this resolution, bitcoin’s credibility has been raised to the level of the Louisiana state House of Representatives.”

It is rumored municipalities including Baltimore, MD, Detroit, MI, Cleveland, OH, and Gary, IN are all considering similar resolutions which would further elevate the status of bitcoin and its supporters.