Ass Tattoo Community Split On Twetch Wager Involving Cheek Ink

TWETCH – Last week, a campaign began to raise 10 BSV to sponsor user u/8370 to get a tattoo of Dr. Roy Murphy on his left buttock.

What began as a fun social campaign to honor Dr. Murphy, the man an increasing number of people believe to be the creator of bitcoin, turned into a controversy as members of the ass tattoo community got wind of it.

We’re tired of being the butt of jokes”, said one ass tattoo activist.

Every time some guy gets drunk and makes a bet, his frat boy friends with inkless asses make the highly insensitive suggestion of an ass tattoo as the payout for the loser. This is not a joke. I hope more people get serious about the unique challenges of living with permanent ass art.

Another added, “The stereotypes have got to stop. I’m tired of being asked if I lost a bet every time someone sees my ass.”

Others with ass ink supported the campaign, saying it’s a great way to raise awareness for the struggles their marginalized community faces, and “Maybe finally get to the bottom of the prejudice.”

It remains to be seen if the campaign will succeed, but it received a major boost by a promotion from some idiot streamers. To date, over 6 BSV have been raised towards the goal of memorializing Roy Murphy permanently on the ass of an anonymous shitposter.

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