Idiot Streamers Launch Token

A group of bitcoin commentators who post regularly to the video platform Streamanity have released a token to allow their fans to share in their revenues.

Once called, “A bunch of numpties” by angry viewers, the group, unfamiliar with British English, mistook the name for a compliment and adopted it as the official title for their shows. Every few weeks, they record long, rambling conversations that primarily consist of TMZ-like gossip, though they occasionally wander into technical conversations and get them wrong.

I think we really prove just how low the bar is”, said everyone’s favorite Numpty TK Coleman. “I mean to be honest, we’re not even really trying, and yet people still want to watch these things. That’s how bad most conversations around crypto are.”

Coleman has come under fire recently for failing to appear in some of the videos, especially since he’s the only one fully embraced by any crypto community – BSV in this case – for being a hopium addicted cheerleader. The other three Numpties are often considered shills or haters for one fork of bitcoin or another, depending on the day.

Given the massive popularity of the show among BSV fans – it sometimes has tens of views, rivaling the YouTube video my grandmother accidentally recorded in her pocket – the crew decided to launch a token.

We want to let our fans get a cut of the money pouring in”, said Isaac Morehouse. Deryk Makgill followed up, “I hope they convert it to BTC or have fun staying poor.” Steve Patterson added, “Infinite sets don’t exist.”

Numptycoin is heralded as a “Numpty-to-Numpty Electronic Soon System“, and will be released on DEX today. It entitles the holder to a share of all Numpty video revenue, which could be in the dozens of dollars.

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