Researchers discover “last” Bitcoin Cash user on beach, previously thought to be extinct

ANTIGUA — A team of cryptocurrency researchers made an incredible discovery this morning when they found what appeared to be a living Bitcoin Cash user in Antigua.

“It’s really shocking,” said Dr. Sanjay Babikonva, the head of the research team. “It has been years since Bitcoin Cash was relevant and we believed its user base was all but extinct. To see a living, breathing Bitcoin Cash user in the wild like this…it’s like going back in time.”

The team found the man buying a hotdog from a local vendor on a beach in Antigua. When the vendor was questioned, he said “I honestly just feel bad for the guy. He’s been coming here every day for years now to buy a hot dog with Bitcoin Cash. I don’t think he has a place to live and he showers on the beach. Those stickers I have on my stand, he gave them to me. I don’t know, I just feel like if I don’t accept it, it will break his spirit.”

Asked what he does with the Bitcoin Cash, the vendor said “I don’t know. To be honest, I lost access to my previous wallet. I told the guy he could start having the hot dogs for free because it’s just easier that way, but he insisted I accept the Bitcoin Cash told me it’s the “real Bitcoin.” He had such a smile when he told me…I just couldn’t say no.”

The researchers told TST they tried to interview the man, but one of them used the abbreviation “bcash” and the man became violent.