Craig Wright Offers Tax Dodging Advice to Michael Saylor

WASHINGTON D.C. — In an unprecedented gesture of goodwill, Dr. Rev Craig Wright Esq etc has extended an olive branch to arch-nemesis/BTC salesman Michael Saylor and offered advice to him about how to commit tax fraud and get away with it.

TST can trustlessly confirm that Saylor, who was yesterday placed under investigation for tax fraud by the Washington D.C. Attorney General, received an email (leaked to The Soon Times) from Dr. Wright this morning detailing how he was able to escape being jailed by the Australian Tax Office in 2014 over allegations that he had made fraudulent claims for research and development credits paid to companies under his control.

“I just want to help,” said Dr. Wright. “Saylor and I disagree about everything but it was nice that we were able to find common ground and experiences here. I’ve given him what advice I could, and I think next we’re going to have a dinner with Calvin Ayre to pick his brain as well.”

Mr. Ayre, who was indicted for money laundering in 2012, did not respond personally to our request for comment, but his team replied and said they look forward to assisting Mr. Saylor on the condition that he be willing to become the frontman and Chief Scientist for a new venture they plan to launch next year.