Man who insists he is “in BSV for the utility” spends coins on novelty hoodie

TWETCH — BSV Twitter user @fregcartel6921e8, who has spent much of the last three years extolling the incredible, world-changing utility offered only by “#originalbitcoinbsv”—micropayments, monetized, censorship-resistant data, an immutable evidence trail—is claiming victory over the trolls today after he successfully purchased a novelty Twetch hoodie with his BSV.

“It’s a really big moment for original Bitcoin,” @fregcartel6921e8 said, “we’ve been telling people for years about all the amazing things Bitcoin was designed to do and to see it all come together like this is really special. BSV isn’t just some shitcoin. You can’t do this on any other chain, or anywhere else really, that is to say, purchase a hoodie online. And I bought six of them. Show me how you can do that without BSV? Oh wait, you can’t.”

Asked what he thinks this demonstration of utility means for BSV and the broader cryptocurrency industry, @fregcartel6921e8 said “look, if I were a BTC dev or investor, I’d be worried. This is the power of big block Bitcoin, we’re coming for you. Bitcoin isn’t for hoodle, its for hoodie.”