BSVers Against “Craig Stealing Coins” Hire Samson Mow to Design “NOCSW” hat

A SMALL IRRELEVANT CORNER OF THE INTERNET — There aren’t many BSVers left who support Dr. Rev. Craig Wright Esq PhD etc’s plans to reassign allegedly stolen coins to himself after he completed a successful pilot of the “sue-us-and-we’ll-settle” service offered by Bitcoin SV Association.

Some of these supporters have pulled their rapidly dwindling remaining funds together to hire hat designer Samson Mow, perhaps best known for his role as the “other guy” in the Gym Friend scandal, to make a “NOCSW” hat for them.

Mow previously designed a highly popular, highly effective UASF hat during the Bitcoin scaling wars and BSVers hope they can use “proof-of-hat” towards a more nobler cause than stopping Bitcoin from going from 1mb blocks to 2mb blocks.

“I still hate the guy,” said one *pseudonymous BSVer, “but damn his hats work well at getting people to support things, no matter how stupid. In our case, we’re actually the good guys this time so it should only work better. NOCSW is the working title we’ve come up with but we’re open to suggestions. We also thought of NBCV (No Bitcoin Creg Vision) and AYREHEAD (original BVS & AYREHEAD).”

Some BSVers didn’t like the idea however and are standing by Craig Wright. BSV twitter handle “Sirtoshi” told TST that “he doesn’t care what happens to the BSV price if Craig gets his coins back. Bitcoin is for USE.” At the time of this writing, Sirtoshi is currently homeless because he held BSV all the way from the top of the market.