Man’s Avatar Impaired After Solana Crash During “Mind Upload.” Now “Loves HEX.”

SAN FRANCISCO — A Solana developers’s plan to upload his consciousness to the Solana blockchain went wrong after the network experienced another routine crash midway through the upload late Monday evening.

The resulting on-chain “avatar” of the man was left “extremely impaired,” only being able to communicate in broken fragments of words and completely lacking judgment and stability.

“It’s like getting to know a version of myself who spent years addicted to sniffing paint thinner or something,” said the man, “really disconcerting. He doesn’t seem capable of forming much of a rational thought or a connection to reality. The only thing I’ve been able to get out of him is that he has suddenly decided that Richard Heart’s HEX project is an incredible investment. That’s how bad it is. I’m thinking of just taking him offline.”

TST covered Heart and HEX earlier his week after Mr. Heart successfully defended himself in court on the grounds that no normal human being could think HEX was anything other than a scam, and therefore it was not a scam.

TST reporters asked the Solana developer if he thought that his avatar’s love for HEX would provide the proof necessary for someone challenge Mr. Heart in court, he said “I’m not a lawyer or a psychologist, I don’t really know, but I will say just from observing the avatar, it’s so stupid, so impaired, that I doubt it would be able to survive as a real human so I’m not sure it qualifies.”

When we called Dr. Hans Frederick Betrüger, who testified in court for Mr. Heart that it was biologically impossible for human being to think HEX wasn’t a scam, he told TST that his reasoning still stands. “The avatar is clearly impaired beyond what a human would be capable of surviving. That it thinks HEX is a good investment now is only further proof of that. Thus my reasoning still stands. This is not a normal human, it lost half its mind during a failed upload on the Solana chain. We should expect it to do and say crazy things. I recommend we take it offline before it goes too deep into HEX.”

More on this story, soon.