The Soon Times Ties with CoinGeek in “2022 Trustless Journalism Awards.”

TST is excited to announce that we have awarded ourselves and CoinGeek the joint top prize for the new TST-sponsored Trustless Journalism Awards. We’d like to congratulate ourselves and our readers for such a monumental achievement, as well as CoinGeek, for their unwavering commitment to trustless, zero-confirmation journalism.

We interviewed the TST executive team, who although anonymous, can best be described as tall, handsome, rich, and possessing unmeasured wit and good humour, and they had this to say about the occasion:

“Our great honor, to share this award with CoinGeek! In many ways, you could say CoinGeek is The Godfather of The Soon Times. We were inspired so much by their particular brand of journalism that we decided to start our own site to humbly follow in their footsteps. Trustless news is a hard business, but learning from the best in the industry has allowed us to grow more quickly than we ever imagined.”

TST will be having plaques made for the executive staff to commemorate this special day and we thank our readers from the bottom of our pocketbooks for helping us get so far.