Seth Green Feeds NFT Thief to Mutant Laser Sharks After Heist

Evil Volcanic Lair — Actor and producer Seth Green was robbed of several NFTs this month after succumbing to a phishing scam.

To be clear, Mr. Green still posses the artwork for his NFT, as does anyone who wishes to “right click and save” the digital file, but he lost his receipt for the art in what is being described as a “once-in-a-century” heist.

While it was announced that Mr. Green was seeking assistance through legal channels, TST can exclusively confirm that Mr. Green recently tracked down and captured the receipt thief and the man who purchased the stolen receipt named DarkWing84.

Green then fed the two men to his swarm of “frickin’ sharks with frickin’ laser beams.”

Despite the gruesome display of vigilante justice, the web3 community seems to be standing behind Mr. Green.

Prominent NFT collector Kevin Rose said in a statement that “the theft of Mr. Green’s receipt for his cartoon ape JPEG is like if somebody robbed the Louvre. What would French authorities do to get the Mona Lisa back?”

Gary Vaynerchuck of VeeFriends said “that was nothing. You should have seen what we did to the kid who took a screenshot of my Reflective Rhinoceros (trademarked). Well, no, you probably wouldn’t have wanted to see that, but let’s just say he won’t be stealing any artwork anymore.”

The #justiceforseth and #NFTOO tags on Twitter have been full of supportive messages from countless NFT holders who are tired of seeing their artwork used as profile pictures for other people’s accounts. Emboldened by Seth’s actions, many now say that they might take the law into their own hands.

“I went down to the police station to tell them that my art was being used by @ethdoggy4394 and they just laughed at me,” said @cryptofiend69. “What do we pay the police for if they aren’t going to go after real criminals? Seth is a model for us all. #NFTOO.”

When we reached out to Bored Ape Yacht Club for comment, TST reporters were told to share this message:

“Ryder Ripps. You’re next.”

More on this story, soon.