nChain Employees Living Off Public Aid After Accepting Salaries as “Court Orders” Instead of Bitcoin 

TST can exclusively report this shock news: many nChain employees are currently living off public funds after accepting their salary as “court orders for on-chain Bitcoin.”

TST reporter, Hugh Cockney, has been working undercover for the past three months as an nChain senior engineer. Prior to working for TST, Hugh drove a garbage truck for the city of London. Hugh originally applied for a janitorial position at nChain but when he showed up for work, he was taken to his office and introduced to a team of 10 engineers he would be responsible for managing. 

During this time he developed a close working relationship with Dr. Craig Wright and even had his name listed on one of their recent patent filings. It doesn’t appear nChain noticed the mistake during his three months at the company.

While undercover, Mr. Cockney learned that many members of the nChain staff were being paid in court orders for on-chain Bitcoin.

“We were told these were as good as Bitcoin,” said one nChain employee, a mother of three who now struggles to feed her children. “But when I mailed the order in a miner in China to have him move my coins, they just laughed at me. What am I supposed to do now?”

Another employee told Mr. Cockney that nChain “promised that these orders would be enforceable “soon”” but said that they had told him that for the last three years.
When the matter was brought before Dr. Wright again, he suggested paying employees in test net coins until the court orders worked.

“My partner Dave Kleiman, and I mean that strictly in a non-legal since, in fact, he was really a drunk and a junkie to be honest, understood the value of testnet coins. I even testified about their value in court.”

More on this story, soon.