Craig Wright Sues Himself for Misleading Statements About Bitcoin in Past

London — Dr. Rev. Craig Wright Esq. PhD CPA etc, has filed a claim in court today against “Past Dr. Wright” for making misleading statements about Bitcoin that both harmed investors and discredited himself as a reliable and consistent expert about Bitcoin.

The claim was filed after comments made by Dr. Wright from 2011 were uncovered that fly in direct contradiction to everything Dr. Wright says about Bitcoin today.

“Bit Coin (Bit Coin) is a digital currency. Bit Coin offers a full peer-to-peer currency solution. P2P transfer of funds is available using methods that can even be untraceable. They’re a ways (sic) using this technology to transfer funds that cannot be intercepted or stopped.”

Wright, who has distinguished himself by arguing that Bitcoin was designed to be traceable, had this to say: “[redacted lengthy expletive string]…full stop! There is no crime in Bitcoin! If you use Bitcoin for crime, you are going to be tracked and traced, and your Bitcoin will be seized! I knew this the first time I read the white paper…probably when I wrote it.”

He went on to argue that people like Roger Ver and others, including Past Dr. Wright, who think Bitcoin is or ought to be untraceable are probably “involved in crime already” and that this is the first step to bringing these criminals to account.

“Past Dr. Wright is about to find out that we live in a world of laws, not anarchy. Order. You don’t just get to say whatever you want about Bitcoin and get away with it. There are consequences. That’s why I’m suing Past Dr. Wright. Not just for me. For Bitcoin. Risk. That’s what court is. You lie in court you go to jail and get [redacted]. “

Ontier, the law firm representing Dr. Wright, had this to say: “clearly Past Dr. Wright’s statements have discredited Current Dr. Wright in the eyes of the broader Bitcoin world. How could anyone take such an inconsistent person seriously? He’s lost so many opportunities due to the statements he’s made in the past, which have made people falsely believe he is not Satoshi, and we need to hold that person responsible. We’re optimistic in our case and expect significant damages to be paid out to Current Dr. Wright.”

TST will provide exclusive courtroom commentary when trial begins in the fall.