Area Man Bullish on Bitcoin Cash After Seeing Sticker at Local Hotdog Stand

Things may be turning around for the once top three coin Bitcoin Cash (BCH). After years of infighting and stagnation, Mr. Roy Murphy (no relation to Dr. Roy Murphy who is reportedly MIA in Ukraine), posted in r/btc that he saw a Bitcoin Cash sticker on a hotdog stand outside the shopping mall of his home town.

“Wow! Adoption is really happening! BCH is winning!” said Mr. Murphy. Despite never having met the hotdog stand owner, several prominent Bitcoin Cash redditors replied to Mr. Murphy’s popular post and asked him to organize a flipstarter campaign for the hot dog stand owner to show him their support. At the time of this writing, the campaign has raised several thousand dollars.

TST decided to investigate and determined that the hot dog stand owner was in fact a real person despite what we initially believed. We asked him if he was a Bitcoin Cash supporter.

“Bitcoin Cash? What’s that? said the man. “Oh, right. No not really. Some guy in a polo, a bit dorky—looked a bit like a Mormon or a Jehovah’s Witness—told me he’d pay me a bit extra if I let him put the sticker on the stand and pay in, uh, Bitcoin Cash. He wanted to give me a presentation but it sounded really boring so I just told him to leave me with a pamphlet. He downloaded an app to my phone and sent me the Bitcoin Cash for the hot dog, but I think he cheated me because the price displayed on the app keeps going down. I’ve actually lost money on the hot dog I sold him but I can’t seem to scrape that damn sticker off my cart. I also forget my password to the funds and can’t find the password reset option…”

TST asked the man if anyone else had come through to pay with Bitcoin Cash, and he said no, but he did mention a man stopped by briefly once to demand that he remove the sticker. “His name was…hmmmm. George? No.. Greg I think. Yeah, Greg. Greg Martin? Manson? No. It definitely has an M. Maxwell maybe. Anyway, whoever this guy was, he was clearly from out of town and seems to have made the trip just to come visit me. He wanted to tell me all about how Bitcoin Cash was a scam, but I cut him short when I realized he wasn’t going to buy a hot dog. He left and I haven’t heard from him since, though for a while afterwards I was getting like a dozen emails a day from concerned individuals telling me to take the sticker down. It was really weird because they all sounded like that same person.”

As for Mr. Murphy, he insists he is more bullish on Bitcoin Cash than ever after seeing the sticker. “Clearly its a sign that people are waking up to the utility of peer to peer electronic cash!”