Jack Liu Wins “Most Influential Bitcoiner Award” from Panel Consisting of Jack Liu

The 2022 MIB (Most Influential Bitcoiner Award) has been awarded to Jack Liu, founder of RelayX and Streamanity, Bitcoin SVs largest online porn platform.

The award came as a shock upset for Vin Armani, who had for the previous 6 consecutive years judged the panel and won the award. After Armani, who now goes by the name Cyprian, had to cancel his solo seat on the judges panel due to a scheduling conflict with the shamanistic fasting ritual that is part of the capstone event for his Bitcoin Mystery School, Jack Liu volunteered to step in as judge.

TST was excited to have Mr. Liu step in on the panel for Cyprian in part because both men share a special kind of humility and indifference to the opinions and praise of others which is so rare in Bitcoin. This is something that Jack in particular likes to make sure people know about him.

When we spoke with Mr. Liu after the award ceremony, which was organized, keynoted, attended and catered by Mr. Liu, he said a bunch of cryptic things about “being the center of the network” and “hyperbitcoinization” that we didn’t really understand, then launched into a lengthy monologue about how he always wants his actions to speak louder than his words.

TST left late in the evening but when we returned in the morning to pick up our camera equipment, we found Mr. Liu was still talking about himself. We let the cameras keep rolling.

More on this developing story, soon.