“Caaloholics Pseudonymous” Announces Program for Soonium Addicts


Caaloholics Pseudonymous is a new international mutual aid fellowship dedicated to abstinence based recovery from Soonium addiction.

Do you or somebody you know struggle with Soonium? How would you know?


Does every new announcement from CAAL make you fee like THIS TIME its actually happening for BSV?

Do fancy corporate logos and speakers at Bitcoin SV conferences make you feel like enterprise adoption is finally coming?

Do you actually think Dr. Rev. Craig Wright, Esq. PhD CPA etc’s patents will be enforced to shut down other blockchain projects?

Did you unironically share the BSV ecosystem chart because you thought the projects listed on it were real?

Do you find yourself making excuses for why Dr. Rev. Craig Wright, Esq. PhD CPA etc’s lawsuits never seem to go as planned?

Have you harmed your family finances by holding BSV in the hope that Dr. Rev. Craig Wright, Esq. PhD CPA etc will finally make good on his threat to dump his BTC on the market and pump the price of your bags?

You might be addicted to Soonium and Caaloholics Pseudonymous can help!

Our 6-step pseudonymous program (because anonymity is for criminals and human traffickers) is designed to help take you from gullible idiot to shrewd Bitcoiner.

You’ll learn to see right through the CAAL hype machine, protect your finances from false promises and predictions, and stop making a total ass of yourself on Twitter!

Please contact help@caaloholics.lol for more information.