Klaus Schwab Meets Michael Saylor, Decides “WEF Loves Bitcoin now.”

HOLLOW EARTH — Michael Saylor visited Klaus Schwab at his home last night for a dinner to answer concerns the WEF had about Bitcoin.

The evening began with a dinner of cockroaches served over raw kale and fresh oat milk. After dinner, discussions quickly turned to Bitcoin and the WEF.

TST reporters were asked to stay outside at this point, which to be honest was a bit of a relief because the heat lamps that lit the dining room were sweltering, but we interviewed Mr. Saylor outside afterwards while he was toweling off the sweat.

“Klaus told me the WEF loves Bitcoin now that they understand it properly,” Saylor told us. “You know, there’s a lot of misinformation out there spread by people like Roger Ver about what Satoshi intended Bitcoin to do, and I’m honored to have had the opportunity to correct it for the WEF.”

When pressed for specifics, Saylor revealed the following exclusively to TST:

“Klaus was especially concerned about Bitcoin being used by regular people to get around everyday payment processors or host data that can’t easily be removed. He didn’t think that people having that much control over their own money or data was good for the world. But I told him this wasn’t a concern because Bitcoin isn’t a payment tool, it’s a store of value. If you want a cheap form of payment, just use credit card. If you want something to buy and hold, buy Bitcoin. And don’t even get me started about “data” on the blockchain. His eyes really glowed yellow when he heard that, though I that was probably a trick of the light.”

Michael Saylor paused here, then went on:

“Klaus also wanted to know about potential illegal uses of Bitcoin, but I clarified that Bitcoin can easily be tracked and traced through chain analysis tools and is actually easier to monitor than cash. Klaus laughed here and said something about “owning nothing” and “having no privacy” and how we would all “love it” but I didn’t hear most of it because his thick accent often sounds like a bit of a hiss, but I think its safe to say Bitcoin is making strong headway with global leaders who are finally starting to understand the potential it has to expand human freedom.

At this point, TST was asked to leave, but we’ll have more coverage of the WEF and Bitcoin soon.