TAAL Offices Raided, Execs Arrested in “Crackdown on Companies Passing Off BTC as Bitcoin”

TORONTO — Toronto police and tactical units raided the offices of TAAL Distributed Information Technologies Inc. (CSE: TAAL) (FWB: 9SQ1) (OTC: TAALF) (“TAAL” or the “Company”) during what is being described as the beginning of a “crackdown on cryptocurrency companies passing off BTC as Bitcoin.”

TST can report exclusively that several members of the board and executive team have been arrested, including Executive Chairman Stefan Matthews, and charged with financial fraud after recent filings showed that in 2021 TAAL had sold BTC they mined as “Bitcoin.” TST obtained these documents which are shared below.

The crackdown follows a lawsuit filed by Ontier on behalf of Dr. Rev. Craig Wright Esq, PhD, CPA, etc that claims companies like Coinbase are illegally passing off the token that trades with the ticker “BTC” as “Bitcoin.”

Said Dr, Craig Wright at the time of the filing: “This is about protecting the consumer from fraud and deception. Consumers are being misled daily into thinking that BTC is Bitcoin as I outlined in the Bitcoin Whitepaper. BTC is not Bitcoin. I want to correct the deception that consumers are being subjected to, using the appropriate legal channels and require those companies to stop passing off BTC as Bitcoin, to change the name, to be clear in their communications…”

In a bizarre twist however, despite being the person who initially brought attention of this matter to authorities, Dr. Rev. Craig Wright Esq, PhD, CPA, etc is reportedly on the run after posts leaked from a Slack community called Metanet ICU indicated he was planning a criminal conspiracy to sell over 1 million BTC tokens on open markets as “Bitcoin.”

Federal authorities were reluctant to name any more names on their suspect list, but TST can confirm that this morning Calvin Ayre’s jet left London bound for Antigua. A member of his entourage whose name will not be released to the public because she is underage said “he left in a hurry.” Police also confirmed the authenticity of a note left by Dr. Craig Wright at his London property that attempted to offer an explanation for the scheme.

TAAL executives and board members are being held pending trial. More on this story

UPDATE: After publication, authorities received an anonymous tip that Dr. Rev. Craig Wright Esq, PhD, CPA, etc was hiding out at home of former mistress, Marianne Jett, but a subsequent raid on her property revealed this to be untrue. The Soon Times obtained exclusive photos of the property.

Update: This article was corrected after Dr. Craig Wright contacted us through an encrypted telephone channel to inform us that we had incorrectly labeled Dr. Craig Wright as “Mr. Craig Wright.” A recording made of the call was deemed “too offensive” to share, but TST can confirm that our editor was compared by Craig to a small animal engaged in unconsensual sexual intercourse with an elephant.