New Conference That’s Totally Not CoinGeek Sponsored by CoinGeek

DUBAI – A diverse array of independent companies, all owned by Calvin Ayre, have come together to host a brand new conference with a fresh, snappy name that is sure to tickle crypto fanatics with borderline NSFW delight:

The ‘BSV Global Blockchain Convention‘ is set for May 24-26.

The event features a raft of amazing speakers no one on crypto Twitter has heard of and will be emceed by the man Ryan Seacrest calls, “A mentor and role model”, Jimmy Nguyen.

We want this event to really stand out and not be associated with CoinGeek, the media and events brand we’ve spent several years and tens of millions of dollars building”, said Nguyen.

“The best way to create some distance between this conference and CoinGeek is to have CoinGeek lead the promotions. We also wanted give it a name that’s much easier to forget. This more accurately reflects BSV market conditions right now as well, so it’s fortuitous”, he added.

TST is committed to zero-confirmation coverage and has trustlessly reported on many such past events, and this year will be no different. The only difference is this year, if you register using this link, we make money. You should register. Register now.

When asked if any fireworks or major announcements could be expected, Nguyen and the other organizers were coy.

“Let’s just say we’ve got some things in the hopper that make Tuvalu look like a tiny island nation…”

Register here if you like BSV, or just want to see what its 12 supporters are like in real life.

You know you want to go.