Man’s Wife Refuses to Care About Micropayments

SPOKANE – In an attempt to educate his wife about a breakthrough technology known as micropayments, Sumptoshi Numptymonoto, has been droning on for days about its untapped potential.

The technology has been available to businesses for 13 years, yet is used by none, which he says “Goes to prove how valuable it is”. Numptymoto’s wife says she is sick of hearing about micro and nanopayments.

In a prepared response, Numpymoto told The Soon Times: “It’s like she doesn’t understand the potential here, micropayments could, like, change the world in lots of ways I can’t really think of specifically, but I’m excited that someone will”

Numptymoto is increasingly frustrated by his wife’s persistent skepticism. She continually challenges his assumptions with questions like: “If micropayments are so great, why isn’t anyone using them?”. Numptymoto explained use cases for micropayments, such as paying small sums for services that she already uses for free:

“Wouldn’t it be cool if, instead of sending an email for free, you could pay a penny or a fraction of a penny instead to send it?”.

His wife, who lacks any vision or imagination, said, no, she’d rather pay nothing.

In order to keep the peace, Numptymoto has taken to the internet to get his micropayments message across to the world. He’s been seen proselytizing about micropayments on a little-used social media platform called Twetch where people have to pay to like and share.

I’ve made, like, 7 cents on this content I poured my heart into for hours, so it really feels good to see such overwhelming proof of the power of this message.”

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