BREAKING: First Legitimately Valuable NFT Minted

CANONIC – The Soon Times doesn’t just document history, we make it. Today, TST has minted the first NFT in history to be actually worth anything at all.

Published exclusively on Canonic, the massively successful on-chain publisher with tens of users, this NFT is a combination tradeable digital token, e-book, audiobook, and redeemable for a physical hardcover coffee table book. We chose Canonic because it uses the BSV blockchain, and everyone knows BSV is the most popular, successful, totally serious chain around.

This groundbreaking NFT + book is guaranteed to help you have fun staying poor.

Unlike other NFTs, which to date have all been a complete joke, this one is dead-serious. It combines our top 100 stories from 2021 with 16 original works of art by Satoshi Doodles, and the audiobook includes an exclusive track by Mandeep, the most popular British medical doctor saxophonist rapper in any fork of a fork of Bitcoin.

Don’t just read the news, be a part of it. Pick up one of only 69 copies that will ever exist.

The Soon Times is the most trustless name in news. Our zero confirmation stories have probably been read by billions of people. This ultra-rare collection is not to be missed.