The Biggest Crypto Stories of 2021 – Fact-Checked

As the soonest year in crypto comes to a close, we decided to reflect back on the biggest happenings of 2021. Here are the top eleven stories of the year, fact-checked by our expert team:

11. Craig Wright verdict proves whatever side I’m on is correct
Fact-check: TRUE. I am in fact correct and this trial proves it.

10. Man finds NFT artwork that is not hideously ugly and painful to look at
Fact-check: FALSE. All NFTs are ass ugly.

9. Woman suspected of using crypto for something new and innovative
Fact-check: FALSE. Number go up only.

8. ETH 2.0
Fact-check: FALSE.

7. Detractors claim BTC doesn’t work
Fact-check: FALSE. It works great as long as no one uses it.

6. Central American dictator and bank-controlled crypto cos builds secret lair in volcano
Fact-check: FALSE. Construction is just getting started.

5. Craig Wright claim turns out to be incorrect
Fact-check: FALSE. You are an idiot criminal misinterpreting what he said.

4. BCH community still exists
Fact-check: Undetermined.

3. Tether lied about being fully backed
Fact-check: FALSE. Tether was at least 7% backed 100% of the time.

2. BSV hash is slowly dropping to zero
Fact-check: FALSE. Reggie Hampton just fired up some hash on his Roblox machine in his mom’s basement.

1. The Soon Times has biased, compromised reporting
Fact-check: FALSE. TST is the only fully trustless, zero-confirmation news organization in crypto and we only report objective facts. (Subjective puff-pieces start at $50k a pop. DM us for details.)