Craig Wright Sues Slack for Letting Him Post

LONDON – Dr. Rev. Craig Steven Wright, Esq., has filed a lawsuit against the popular group chat app Slack, claiming they are harming him by allowing him to be a user.

After plaintiffs in the controversial Kleiman v. Wright trial requested that Slack messages Wright had been posting during the proceedings be admitted as evidence, Wright and his team moved to sue Slack.

Wright’s lawyer stated,

Messages our client was posting during the trial, instead of listening to witnesses, make him look petty, dishonest, and general unlikeable. We believe it is unfair for Slack to allow him to continue to be himself on their platform, as it harms his reputation and can affect the outcome of this and other cases.”

Wright added,

“They are willfully letting me incriminate myself, even though they know I have autism, obsessive compulsive disorder, and narcissistic and sociopathic tendencies. The Slack CEO personally allowed me to create an account in a conspiracy to destroy me.”

TST reached out to Slack for comment, and an intern there told us they’d never heard of Craig Wright or BSV.