CoinDesk and CoinGeek Vy for Top Satirical News Site

THE INTERNET – While there is no shortage of side-splitting satirical journalism in the crypto world, we at TST choose to stick to hard-hitting, serious, trustless reporting, even though it’s a lot more work.

Still, it provides some needed comedic relief to follow the heated humor wars between the top two satirical news sites in the industry, CoinDesk and CoinGeek.

A peek at some recent headlines from each shows just how much this zany laugh battle is heating up.

From CoinGeek, we get gut-busters like:

Craig Wright is Literally Jesus and Everyone Else is Satan

Island Nation of Tuvalu to Mine Bitcoin with Hamsters

Lack of Hashpower a Feature, Not a Bug

Not to be outdone, CoinDesk comes in blazing with some incredible exaggerated parody headlines:

Mak Big Nummer Go Up Plz

Craig Wright is Literally Satan and Everyone Else is Jesus

Michael Saylor

You can find hilarious, obviously absurd headlines like this from these sites every day. Whether you’re winning or losing in the market, take some stress off and visit these and dozens of other wacky crypto news sites for satire so good you almost can’t believe it.

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