Bitcoiners Honor Guy Fawkes by Doing Absolutely Nothing

THE INTERNET – Bitcoin libertarians have been laying around, the fifth of November, honoring the memory of the radical activist Guy Fawkes, who sacrificed his life in a daring attempt to blow up the House of Lords.

Though a supporter of a Catholic monarchy, Fawkes has been reinterpreted via pop culture over the years and now stands as a powerful symbol for individual liberty and sovereignty against centralized state power. His bold actions and public opposition to the government have inspired many bitcoin libertarians to do absolutely nothing their entire lives.

One Tweeted,

Remember, remember the 5th of November! This is why bitcoin was invented. It is the gunpowder that we are using to blow up the state. Except in this case, we don’t really use it so much as think about using it. Partly because we can’t access it due to legal restrictions on exchanges and the fact that my state-mandated driver’s license is out of date so I can’t use it to KYC my way into a heavily regulated exchange.”

Others joined the chorus, reminding themselves that their lack of courage, boldness, or action of any kind was exactly the kind of spirit that animated Fawkes to die a martyr for his cause.

We’re really fighting the same battle as Fawkes” @bitcoomer69 stated, “Except we can’t go outside like he did because we’re on lockdown and also there are no supplies to buy because of government policy which we were powerless to resist and never tried to anyway. Also we aren’t allowed to wear Guy Fawkes masks over our government mandated ones.”

It remains to be seen what other big Tweets emerge today, this 5th of November.