Craig Wright: ‘I Invented the Word Meta’, Sues Zuckerberg

LONDON – Ontier LLP, a law firm representing the Reverend Doctor Craig Steven Wright, has sent a notice to Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, Inc. (now Meta, Inc.) telling them to immediately cease using the word ‘Meta’ in any internal or external communications. The notice reads:

Our client Dr. Wright is the rightful owner of the word ‘Meta’ in all its uses and has filed for the trademark, copyright, and patents for any and all uses of the word, the concept behind the word, or any products or services associated with or inspired by the word or related concepts.

The noticed demanded that Zuckerberg not only stop using the word, but that he also rebuild his entire company on the not yet released ‘Metanet’ that Dr. Wright is said to be building but which currently exists only as a private Slack group.

Wright seemed to be blindsided by the Facebook founder’s name-change announcement.

They bloody fucking know their tech is shit and they can’t build the future unless it’s on the BSV Metanet. What most people don’t realize is that I hold the patent for Facebook, which I invented way back in the ’90s between stints as a sushi chef and a secret agent. When the time is right, after I win all my court cases, I will enforce it. By this time next year, all social media platforms will be on BSV. This is not a prediction, but you can bet on it.”

A Facebook spokesperson told TST they had never heard of Craig Wright, BSV, or the Metanet, but were impressed by the warm humanity in his communication and perhaps Zuckerberg could gain from his tutelage.