Brooklyn Bridge Sold as NFT

NEW YORK – In a feverish market for collectibles, Samuel C. Parker, great great grandson of the inventor of pre-digital NFTs George C. Parker, has sold the Brooklyn Bridge as an NFT over 100 times at an average price of $1.7M each.

It was really exciting to be able to carry on my great great grandpa’s legacy and sell this iconic bridge to a new generation of, um, investors.” Said Parker.

The buyers, though they received absolutely nothing in exchange for the hundreds of ETH they sent to Parker, were also ecstatic. One of the buyers told TST,

It’s so incredible to have paid a few million bucks to be able to do what anyone in the world can already do for free and change my Twitter photo to one of the Brooklyn Bridge I found on Unsplash. It’s even more incredible knowing that I have a transaction record that says I paid someone money in exchange for him telling me I own a part of a bridge when I don’t.”

Parker said after years of experimenting, it’s good to finally feel like he found his groove in the family business.

I sold people stars in a star registry I made up for a while, but since there was nothing digital or with the words ‘crypto’ or ‘disruptive’ in the process, it kind of petered out after I hit all the nursing homes and godparents looking for last minute gifts. NFTs have given me a second change and elevated the family tradition to a new level.”

Rake Vaj, one of the NFT buyers, seems unfazed by the fact that he gained no special access to the bridge, its revenue, any kind of title, or even unique pictures of it.

You don’t understand. The bridge is not the piece of architecture. The transaction record showing I paid 500 ETH to Sam Parker IS the piece of architecture. In the future, this receipt will be housed in the virtual reality museum of architecture and design for its significance. How else would people cross the East River?”

After ETH gas fees and taxes, Parker expects to have almost enough money to buy supplies to live at a subsistence level in NY for a year, since it’s illegal for him to enter stores or get a job due to vaccine passport mandates.