Search Continues for Unpaid CoinGeek Attendees

NEW YORK – TST reporters embedded at the CoinGeek 2021 “It’s About Time” conference have been searching for two days now to find an attendee who is not a speaker, CG employee, or actor making a paid cameo.

Amid the hundreds of seats with nearly a dozen scattered, forlorn humans occupying them, we finally found two that appeared to be real, normal, unpaid attendees.” Said our undercover reporter.

But we were wrong. One turned out to be a janitor that worked for the facility who sat down for a minute to deal with gas pains. The other was a guy who wandered in off the street to avoid the cold.”

When asked what they thought about the conference or the BSV Enterprise Blockchain, both men slowly backed away in silence.

We will update this story as soon as an attendee is found.