‘It’s a Good Thing BTC Totally Prevented Global Tyranny’

TWITTER – “Thanks to bitcoin, we can live free and governments can’t do anything to stop us” said BTC maximalist @bitcoomer69 in a low voice in a back alley through a state mandated face covering during a clandestine Twitter livestream that has now been flagged and removed by the platform in conjunction with the White House.

The video opened with some history:

Without bitcoin, governments would continue their course of encroachment on individual liberties. Thankfully, since it was released in 2009, the state has been helpless. I mean besides the entire planet being locked into their homes as prisoners and being forced to inject themselves with taxpayer funded substances against their will, show their papers to buy food, inflation unmatched in world history, unprecedented expansion of the welfare state, drone strikes on innocents all over, the monitoring of all aspects of life, and people being arrested for criticizing or asking questions, name one thing the government has been able to do in the era of bitcoin? I bet you can’t.”

Before the NSA identified and removed the post for being misleading, hundreds of libertarian bitcoiners shared their confidence and optimism about the fact that bitcoin totally constrains the state and the big banks who own all the bitcoin related companies.

Especially prominent were comments in support of the dictator of El Salvador forcing his citizens to give up personal data so he could get rich selling it to companies that pretend to use bitcoin.

The video ended,

If 2020-21 has shown us anything it’s that all other forms of activism are stupid. If we all buy bitcoin, government won’t be able to take away any of our [indecipherable]*”

*The audio in the final seconds of the video is unclear while police appeared to beat @bitcoomer69 with batons and seize his phone. He has not been heard from since.