Complete Idiot Thinks Crypto Should Be ‘Useful’

GRAND RAPIDS – Joe Walter, a complete idiot, after learning about dozens of cryptocurrencies and projects from his son, asked if any of them were ‘useful’.

“I was pretty embarrassed for him.” Said son Josh. “Here I thought he was tracking with me about the staking and yield farming and ugly JPGS. Turns out his little pea brain was just wondering if it solves any real problems. I was like, HFSP boomer.

Joe is very interested in the idea of micropayments, data being stored across multiple servers rather than one company, fractional ownership, and other things he thought crypto could do. But the fool struggled to make sense of the amazing projects and tokens which do nothing so well.

“Nobody understood the technological breakthrough of Beanie Babies or pet rocks either.” Said Josh. “Until Nick Szabo explained it. It’s valuable because it’s not useful. Why is that so hard to grasp?”