Bonded Courier Delivers Pizza to nChain

LONDON – The offices of nChain global received an important and long anticipated delivery late last night. A bonded courier, flanked by lawyers and security personnel, brought in a multiple combination locked case, handcuffed to their hand with partial keys held be two different people. Once nChain executives performed the proper legal signings, the case was opened to reveal six pizzas from a nearby chain.

Things almost went south when it was discovered that one of the pizzas had Pineapple. After a brief standoff, guns drawn, everyone calmed down when CTO Steve Shadders emerged to say he had ordered the Pineapple pie and their was nothing to worry about. A thorough scan of the pizza confirmed its safety.

Yes, things did get a bit tense. But that’s pretty normal when you’re working with high stakes pizzas for our dev team. I’m reasonably pleased with this secure and successful delivery.” Shadders said.

Others seemed a bit disappointed. One employee told TST, “To be honest, these are not the kind of slices I had hoped would be delivered“, but did not elaborate further.

nChain Chief Science Officer Craig Wright did not seem interested in partaking of the late night snack, but immediately grabbed the receipt and began searching for signs of malicious back-dating from a third party who may have intercepted the proof of pizza along the way and altered it to make him look bad.