Man Finally Finds Chart that Proves He’s Right and Everyone Else is Wrong

TWITTER – After 8 months of searching, Jan Flanders found a chart that appeared to validate (for a particular slice of time) his particular denomination of crypto belief.

“Don’t look at any other chart or data, this one says it all.” Jan Tweeted yesterday. “There can be zero doubt when you look at that curve. What I’ve been saying all along is true.”

It was a decisive victory, and all other opinions and sects crumbled at the sight of the chart.

For over half a year, Jan spent every waking hour frantically scanning Reddit, TradingView, Coindesk, Twitter, CoinMarketCap, and Google to find some squiggly lines that would make it look like he was correct. According to Jan, the payoff was worth it.

This chart vindicates my entire existence. No one can take it from me. All will see it and despair. I am right.”