People Who Insist Gov’t Can’t Kill Crypto Begging Congress Not to Kill Crypto

TWITTER – The hashtag #dontkillcrypto is trending today, as thousands of crypto supporters lobby an institution they insist is helpless against them.

A Tweet representative of the general sentiment came from @bitcoomer69:

Nice try government. You can’t touch crypto! Code is law bitches. But also could you amend that bill you’re about to pass, because it would completely kill a really vibrant industry that is doing a lot of good and you should totally support it. Hey, maybe even mandate and subsidize it like El Salvador? Freedom!”

Cypherpunks everywhere, who hail bitcoin and other crypto projects as the unstoppable force that will finally free people from tyranny, have been begging lawmakers to pretty please not ruin it with the stroke of a pen.

It’s unclear whether the totally alpha pleas are getting through, as it’s a weekend and the congressional interns who run elected official’s Twitter accounts only work Monday through Friday.