Man Courageously Adds Emoji to Craig Wright Slack Post

SLACK – A paid, private Slack group for supporters of Craig Wright and BSV had a big moment yesterday, as a member added a flexing arm emoji to a long post by Dr. Wright.

It was really bold. I couldn’t believe he did it.” Said one member of the group, who immediately added a +1 to the emoji.

I mean, we were all thinking Dr. Wright’s words were incredible and inspiring and intelligent, but to have the courage to be the first to add a response emoji, and all the pressure of picking which supportive emoji to choose? Whew. That’s almost like talking to Satoshi!”

Awed relief seemed to come over group members, as they frantically added +1’s, and then, since the initial reaction had broken through, four more positive, fawning emojis were added, including a scrolling 10000000, a thumbs up, and prayer hands. One member explained,

It’s pretty amazing to see the vigorous dialogue in here. Where else can you get this kind of back and forth between Craig’s eight paragraph epistles on why he’s more productive than Shakespeare and the Beatles combined and direct, instant emoji responses? It’s really a beautiful conversation to watch unfold. Minds interacting with The Great Mind via animated icons.”

Wright, perhaps inspired by the emoji, responded to his own post with four longer comments, even adding reference material to the first Google search results on the topic. Exhausted from their initial emoji clicking, group members refrained from adding anything to these replies.

Sometimes you just have to take it in. He leaves me emoji-less half the time!” Our source said.