Michael Saylor Takes Weekend Job at Wendy’s

Bitcoin Televangelist and CEO of MicroStrategy Michael Saylor just accepted an offer to be a drive-thru associate at a Wendy’s near Arlington, VA.

Saylor said the role will not interfere with his full-time job of Tweeting creepy religious things about bitcoin and buying it with corporate debt. He just needed a little extra cash since the price of BTC dropped below $30k and his entire life and reputation hinges on it ceaselessly rising.

Many feel Saylor is trying to prepare for being ousted from his company by having some backup options like the fresh, never frozen beef fast food chain on the table. Investors seemed to take the news as a bullish sign.

Stock rebounded on the news as I think shareholders are encouraged to see Michael do something that creates real value, even if not for the company itself. It also reduces the time he has to Tweet, which will be good for the company as well.” Said one market analyst.

Saylor himself seems excited and said he’s already working on ways to steal all the donated change from the Dave Thomas Foundation tip jar and put it into BTC.