Dispatch from 2035: Craig Wright Tries to Set Critics Straight

THE FUTURE – Craig Wright celebrates his twentieth year of talking publicly about being Satoshi Nakamoto with a groundbreaking conversation.

For most people, celebrating their 65th birthday would consist of talking about their retirement plans and grandkids. Not so for Craig Wright, who jumped on a three-hour podcast for a YouTube channel with 15 subscribers to explain what people don’t understand about a document he wrote in 2009.

The occasion also marked twenty years of trying to convince people he’s Satoshi but never wanted them to know until he was doxed in 2015.

“I just don’t understand how different groups of people could read the same document and have different interpretations of what it means. No other document in history has had so many people read it and interpret it in different ways” said Craig Wright, a noted doctor of theology and comparative religious studies.

Craig spent most of the first hour complaining about heretics, the second on established bitcoin dogma and wrapped up with an hour long altar call.

The podcast host was able to sneak in one last question at the end as Craig welcomed the new harvest of BitCoin true believers into the fold.

“Given that you went public in 2015, what have you done in the last twenty years besides talk about creating Bitcoin and the whitepaper?”

Craig Wright was unable to answer the question, stating that he had to go write another website article explaining what the Bitcoin white paper truly meant on his blog but all would be revealed soon.

Submitted by one of TST’s vast network of guest contributors.