BSV Quietly Dies With No One Noticing

Bitcoin SV has been delisted or disabled from the few remaining exchanges that still list it, suffered a double spend attack, and for all practical purposes no longer exists.

No one is quite sure how long it has ceased to function, since no one was really paying attention. It’s possible it has been out of commission for several weeks or even months.

The good news for supporters of the nonexistent token is that, despite not having a blockchain, people will still be getting sued over it. The Bitcoin Association, which promotes SV to all the businesses that don’t use it and the imaginary ones that do, says they’re excited about “Big things coming in the courtroom“.

Presumably, supporters and developers of coins that still exist will be sued for improper use of BSV, which does not.

The other positive news is that, despite no longer existing, BSV’s price didn’t really change and it’s still holding at ~$130 on CoinMarketCap.

We will continue to cover this story as it unfolds, even though no one will really notice anyway.