BTC Fans Host “Defend a Dictator” Clubhouse

CLUBHOUSE – Dozens of BTC supporters feverishly convened on the popular douchebag app Clubhouse to share their support for tyrannical dictators.

If only more people could be dominated by a man who swept to power on suspicious grounds and manufactures fake 92% approval ratings then forces private businesses to use the Lightning Network and does BTC giveaways with poor taxpayer dollars through state controlled trusted third party apps, the dream of crypto would already be realized” noted one breathless participant.

Fans also snapped back at critics of the El Salvador bitcoin boondoggle,

The tech is so revolutionary and useful to the people of El Salvador and makes them more free, except they won’t use it unless they’re forced to by men with guns, so what critics don’t get is that you’re forcing more freedom on people. It’s sort of like peace through violence, you know? That’s what we’re all about…that and the price of bitcoin going up.”

BTCers are touting this as a massive blow to state power everywhere, saying that a corrupt dictator getting in bed with a corrupt company to force financial tech on his people is exactly the kind of thing that should have corrupt state and banking interests scared.

This is only the beginning“, one supporter said, “Just wait until they start putting slaves to work in the mining volcanoes. Then we’ll really see what freedom can do!”