BREAKING: Successful LN Transaction Sent

A shocking development in the bitcoin world today, as a Lightning Network user successfully sent a transaction to another user on just the second try and after only three DMs to figure out invoicing.

LN fan @bitcoomer69 shared the story:

“It‘s pretty incredible. I just downloaded the wallet, waited for it to connect a while, then tried to find my receive address so my friend could send me some sats, but that wouldn’t work so I created an invoice. That failed too because I chose an amount less than $50, which obviously won’t work on the network created specifically for micropayments. After raising the amount and sharing the invoice with him, I got the money instantly 35 seconds later. The best part? Whenever I want to close the channel, it will only cost about $7-8 and take several hours to a day. Incredible!”

BTC Twitter was celebrating the achievement, which proves LN is inching closer to half the functionality and UX of bitcoin circa 2010. The excited user added,

A lot of people expect the Lighting Network to just work properly and get mad when it doesn’t. What bitcoin maxis have helped me realize is that it‘s my fault for wanting a great and easy user experience, and I should never get upset at the protocol or demand that it function better. Amen and amen.”