Guy Puts Everything on Blockchain for No Reason

DAYTON, OH – James Grandling just finished uploading all of his old high school English papers to the BSV blockchain for no apparent reason.

Bitcoin is a universal truth ledger, which gets me really excited to add old coupons and stuff from my junk drawer to it and really be a part of the revolution.” Said Grandling, a 36-year-old sales operations specialist.

Grandling said he was excited about bitcoin in 2013, but became disappointed when the ability to upload arbitrary data was removed by developers.

When BSV forked and restored all that stuff, it was like Christmas. I’ve been uploading basically my whole life there.”

Since the creation of BSV and the re-enabling of this function, he’s slowly migrated his entire life onto BSV, from social media to content and everything in between. He couldn’t be more excited.

My podcast had about a dozen listens per episode before I started uploading the whole thing on chain and paywalling it via Castr. Now it gets almost one. My YouTube channel moved to Streamanity and went from hundreds of views to two or three (after I boost it). I also stopped using Medium for articles and started using Bitpost – all on chain – and really not inconvenient at all for the other reader besides me. I can even tip myself!”

Grandling shared numerous links with us, all of which he setup onchain through TonicPow, which he said, “Is really great because every time you click it it charges me two cents!”

There are some challenges, which Grandling acknowledged, but said it’s well worth it for the benefits.

Do I lose a little reach and convenience? Sure. But think of the upside: Books, photos, comments, likes, the weather – you name it, it’s on chain forever! Just knowing that makes me feel secure and important.”

Grandling is working with BSV developer Joshua Henslee to figure out a way to tokenize all of his household items on chain, and then charge himself micro-amounts every time he uses them.

“Imagine the quality of life improvement if I could tokenize that carton of eggs in my fridge – and the fridge itself! I’d have to swipe my wallet to pay myself a few cents to open the fridge, and pay whatever the market rate for my eggs was on my own exchange where my wife and six year old also bid for egg tokens. Are you beginning to see?”

Yes James. I think we are.