Calvin Ayre Splits Personality to Do More BSV Deals with Self

ANTIGUA – Gambling mogul turned BSV investor Calvin Ayre has undergone a controversial therapy in order to create multiple personalities so that he can ink more deals for his companies.

“BSV has been bringing on the heavy hitters. Just today, my media company hosted a conference sponsored by my venture capital company in the auditorium rented by my mining company right after a fundraiser by my foundation. Things are happening and the ecosystem is growing.”

Not content with the dozens of companies that fall under Ayre’s aegis, the billionaire decided to branch out and get other selves involved.

We splintered off a few personalities to expand the diversity of our network. Right now, you’re talking to Melvin. I’m the bookish one, and I’m doing some deals with Calvin to launch a service that helps people with 17 or more degrees store their papers and info online so they don’t get accused of plagiarism.

Mr. Ayre also announce a raft of new sponsors for the upcoming CoinGeek conference, including Alvin Cayre, Delvin Flayre, Sheldon Mayre, and Meldon Stayre.

We’ve got more action in BSV than any other chain. I look forward to collaborating with all of these fine men and women living inside of me.” Mr. Ayre said.